Is Concrete Floor Maintenance Difficult in Your Warehouse?

One of the most difficult jobs of a facilities manager is keeping the floor clean. From black forklift tire marks to dust and debris is it possible to have an easy and affordable concrete maintenance plan in your warehouse, factory, or other facility with concrete floors?

Understanding Why Concrete Floor Maintenance is Difficult:

It might not be hard for you to understand that a concrete floor is a porous substrate. In most facilities a sealer is applied directly to the concrete when it is poured, this prevents the dust from seeping up… And that’s pretty much all. It is not a stain blocker and it is not permanent; over time the surface layer of this sealer will wear off, especially if forklift traffic is high. So because of this the concrete floor maintenance becomes a constant battle between stains, tire marks, and dust. The grime is sticking in the pores and is nearly impossible to remove.

Is Easy Concrete Floor Maintenance Possible:

Polishing concrete enhances concrete floor maintenance more than any other flooring available today.

Manufacturing Plant with Polished Concrete Floors

In the past, this issue was remedied with epoxy floor coatings, but many quickly learned they were short-lived as well. The coatings would fail and have to be re-painted every 5-7 years, not providing a lasting concrete floor maintenance solution. In today’s economy, it is not only about ease of maintenance but cost! Finally, there is a floor that is both easy and affordable to maintain. Polished concrete has gained quite the reputation through many national retailers looking for an easy-to-maintain concrete floor that was also cheap to install and longer lasting than epoxy or other floor paints.

Polished concrete is a process of refining the concrete surface through diamond grinding (similar to sanding wood). The floors’ pores are highly refined and tightened so that a broom or dust mop can easily pass over them without interruption. As opposed to a sealer or epoxy coating, all the dust-proofing agents are penetrating, so they won’t wear off or wash off, giving your warehouse a floor that is free of dust forever. In addition, a penetrating stain protection is added to aid in stain prevention. Overall, this flooring is cheaper to install, can be installed after epoxy removal or VCT removal, and provides the easiest concrete floor maintenance solution of all time.

Titus Restoration has been renovating warehouses and manufacturing plants with polished concrete flooring for many years. Our customers see many multiple benefits, but the floor maintenance solution is by far the greatest. Contact us today for a free site evaluation on transforming your concrete floor into one you are happy to maintain!