The Do’s and Don’ts of Concrete Floor Cleaning

concrete floor cleaningPeople tend to assume concrete floor cleaning is complicated and requires lots of expensive products and equipment. This couldn’t be further from the truth! For a facility with average types and amounts of traffic, keeping polished concrete floors clean is incredibly simple. Using very basic equipment and clean water is usually all it takes to keep concrete floors clean. For more specific information about concrete floor cleaning, read our simple guide of do’s and don’ts below:


  • Dust mop concrete floors daily with a dry mop to clean up dust, dirt, and debris from the day. And if you skip a day here and there, it’s likely that no one will ever know.
  • Wet mop concrete floors weekly using just clean water.
  • When your concrete floors do finally start to look grimy and you feel that a cleaning product is required, always use a pH-neutral detergent.
  • Always mop concrete floors with clean water after using a detergent on the concrete.
  • Only use cotton mops and towels to clean the concrete floors or wipe up spills.
  • Have a fresh coat of stain guard applied to the concrete every three years.
  • Have the floor re-polished about every five years, or when the surface begins to lose its luster.


  • Never use everyday floor cleaning products, such as Pine-Sol; always select a pH-neutral cleaner.
  • Never use products such as ammonia, vinegar, bleach, muriatic acid, or other harsh cleaners on concrete floors.
  • Never use scouring pads or steel wool to scrub concrete floors; it will destroy the protective coatings on the concrete.
  • Never use mops or towels made of synthetic materials; these can also wear down the concrete’s polished surface.
  • Never leave puddles of liquid sitting on polished concrete; the concrete can absorb the liquid and create a stain.

Concrete Floor Cleaning is Easier

Concrete floor cleaning and care is so much simpler than the care required for other flooring products. Vinyl composite tile (VCT) has to be polished with wax regularly.

Carpets can easily be ripped and stained, and when they are wet for a certain period of time they develop a musty smell. Mildew, dust, and other stuff that gets trapped in carpet can also cause respiratory issues for your employees. For easy care and a simple cleaning regimen, you can’t beat concrete floors. Low/no VOC polished concrete is the greenest and healthiest flooring choice you can make.

Titus Restoration creates low-maintenance polished concrete floors for commercial, retail, and industrial spaces every day. We seal and polish brand new slabs, and we can also repair slabs in renovated buildings before we polish them. Whether your space is new or used, our teams have the training and experience to get the job done right. Click to contact Titus Restoration for expert advice about concrete floor cleaning.