Concrete Repair for Damaged Concrete

Titus specializes in concrete floor restoration, using the best technology to restore our customer’s floors after years of wear or damage. One of our custom solutions is our high strength, high bond patching compounds that is suitable for industrial traffic, commercial light traffic, and is USDA and FDA compliant for food storage and manufacturing. In fact, it is so versatile, our concrete repair for damaged concrete can be used in a number of facilities including:

  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Schools
  • Civic buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Hardware stores
  • Stadiums
  • Any other facility facing concrete repair issues
Concrete repair for damaged concrete such as major joint spalls is important in preventing costly repairs.


JRB Before


Industrial Warehouse Concrete Floor Repair

Some common damaged concrete issues are: failing and deteriorating joints, large divots, or large surface cracks resulting over time and conditions. In warehouses, it is common for the floors to be damaged by equipment, such as forklifts and industrial chemicals, and general high traffic areas. This is typical when the joints are not filled with a proper joint filler or the joint filler is installed improperly.

With our specialized floor repair, our customers see:

  • Reflection comparable to polished concrete if aesthetics are important for your customers.
  • Increased durability and longevity compared to anchoring cement or standard epoxy.
  • Little downtime for repairs as products cure quickly.
High strength modified concrete is a great alternative to epoxy repairs for damaged concrete.

Large concrete joint repair with polished concrete to match the repair to the existing floor.

It is flexible enough to meet the strict requirements of health inspectors and is environmentally friendly. With the right materials, Titus can closely match you floor and with added polishing, the patch and floor look new. This high strength-high bond material is an effective way to repair any concrete floor without having to pour all new concrete.