Polished Concrete for Airplane Hangars | Aircraft Hangar Floor Coatings and Polishing

Whether you are a commercial airline, the military, a corporation … or just a guy with an airplane … you probably have a aircraft hangar and that hangar probably has a concrete floor. If you are coating that concrete floor, it is probably with an epoxy or urethane paint. It probably looks really good at first and then eventually it’s time to replace the hangar floor coating. This may not be a big deal to you and this may be your preferred flooring, but have you considered alternatives?

Polished concrete for airplane hangars is growing in popularity because of its durability and low maintenance.

A polished concrete floor is an alternative to an aircraft hangar floor coating.


Alternative to Epoxy Coated Hangars is Polished Concrete for Airplane Hangars:

What are polished concrete floors and why are they suitable for aircraft hangars? Polished concrete is seen in many facilities from industrial to retail for its durability and easy and low cost maintenance. It is suitable for virtually any environment that does not require a sever chemical or acid resistance. Polished concrete for airplane hangars provides: superior cleanability, longer life cycle than an epoxy floor, and extreme durability.

Polished concrete for airplane hangars is becoming increasingly popular, looks great, and provides excellent reflectivity for lighting in the hangar. However, if floor coatings are your preferred method for hangar floors we can help you with those too.

Floor Coating or Polished Concrete are Suitable for:

  • Military Aircraft Hangar Coating
  • Commercial Aircraft Hangar Coating
  • Corporate Aircraft Hangar Coating
  • Private Aircraft Hangar Coating

In addition to providing polished concrete for aircraft hangers, Titus Restoration Services, Inc. offers coatings removal and floor surface preparation by concrete grinding, steel shot blasting, and concrete shaving. Titus also installs epoxy, urethane, polyaspartic, MMA, and many other specialty floor coatings suitable for almost any application. For a free evaluation, contact Titus Restoration today!