Titus Stain Guard

Titus Stain Guard | The Premier System of Concrete Treatments
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Polishing concrete, although cost-effective, is still an investment. Protecting that investment should be important to you. That is why Titus Restoration provides our customers with our proprietary brand of stain protection for polished concrete.

Polished concrete is not only a strengthened concrete solution because of lithium silicate densifier, because its combination with a stain protection product transforms a porous concrete floor into a tightened floor that is dense enough to substantially increase the ability of the concrete to repel liquids and stains. This includes water, oil, paint, and other contaminants, slowing or preventing them from penetration into the surface and allowing time for proper clean-up.

If a floor will be wet for long periods of time, Titus does not recommend stain guards in showers or wet areas due to the acrylic component in the stain guard that may soften and turn milky. Garages and other environments where water may be left standing are best left their natural grey concrete color.

Titus Stain Guard, together with the other products of our Titus High Performance Line, allows the concrete to still breathe while locking the dust into the concrete slab.

There is no risk of delamination, peeling, or flaking on the surface as the product is burnished into the concrete surface at high temperatures and it becomes part of the concrete.

In industrial and commercial environment, Titus Stain Guard is ideal for coating surfaces that endure harsh and high abuse including, large equipment, heavy foot traffic, chemical spills, abrasion and UV exposure. This treatment requires little-to-no downtime, has very low odor and is highly durable, produces excellent bond strength while being low VOC and ecofriendly. Some applications for this treatment are parking decks, food service operations and warehouses and other commercial spaces.

Titus Stain Guard is a Lithium Silicate / Polymer Stain Protector that seals and hardens concrete surface resulting in a hard, water-tight surface that is both chemical and dust repellent. It has a high, early resistance to moisture. We have experienced ponding water exposure to the Titus Stain Guard as soon as 2 hours, and it did not turn milky like other stain guards for polished concrete on the market. This is due to a difference in silicates. At Titus we only use the best processes and materials.

You can choose to use concrete polishing shines from diamond resins or false shines created by over application of silicates, but these shines will wash off over time as sodium silicate and potassium silicate are both water soluble.