Polished Concrete Atlanta – Commercial Concrete Floor Restoration & Repair

Polished Concrete Atlanta is changing the way atlanta buys flooring.

Atlanta Printing Factory with Hybrid Polished Concrete Floors

Looking for polished concrete Atlanta, look no further, a contractor you can trust is in your backyard! You’ve seen polished concrete in some of the nation’s largest retailers here in Atlanta, GA, but do you know why these corporations are choosing to polish concrete over a traditional VCT or Epoxy floor coating? If you guess price, you are correct. Although the installation cost varies based on the floor the maintenance cost is where these retailers and warehouses are saving big. By using the industry’s best practices, equipment, and tools we are improving concrete floors all over the Southeast! Learn more about polished concrete floors here.

Polished Concrete Atlanta is a Great Way to Finish Concrete Floors

Dyed and polished concrete is a great way to add polished concrete atlanta ga.

Atlanta School with Polished and Dyed Entrance and Halls

The benefits of polished concrete are not only realized in the maintenance savings, but most customers who polish concrete floors are seeing a multitude of benefits including, higher reflectivity which saves on lighting, increased durability (in fact polished concrete can harden the surface by 4 times), and they are reducing their carbon footprint as polished concrete is accepted as a sustainable architectural choice of flooring. It is especially cost-effective in large spaces (over 50,000 square feet).

Many can benefit from the versatility of polishing the existing concrete that is old, discolored, or worn. In addition, removing old VCT or epoxy flooring and polishing the concrete beneath is an option too. Facilities that polish concrete include, but are certainly not limited to: Retailers, Manufacturing Plants, Warehouses and Distribution Centers, Schools, Civic Buildings, and many, many more. For polished concrete Atlanta, contact us today!

Atlanta Polished Concrete and Concrete Repair Contractor

Titus Restoration is headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia. We have crews that travel nationwide performing concrete polishing and industrial concrete repairs. We offer two types of polished concrete to better suit our customer’s needs.

1. One is highly reflective for small retail spaces, office buildings, or churches. Read more here.

2. The other polished concrete product we provide is better suited for warehouses. Here, we reduce the shine, but maintain the durability to make it more cost effective for large spaces. Read more here.

When refinishing your concrete flooring we are capable of phasing work around your operations, during a plant shutdown, or at night to accommodate your production needs. We can include a variety of repairs if needed to offer a one-stop concrete solution for your warehouse floor. Contact our estimators for more information on your projects.