Concrete Floor Repairs Birmingham – Concrete Refinishing

Concrete Floor Repairs Birmingham is a huge city with endless possibilities to restore the concrete.

Common Joint problems – There is a permanent solution

It is often difficult to find a concrete floor repair contractor with solutions that will last, but we’ve got you covered. With a solution for virtually every concrete slab, we can help you restore your warehouse or factory floor. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with repair solutions that last – not just bandaid the problem!

For Concrete Floor Repairs Birmingham we Have Solutions to Your Problems:

Some of the most common repairs challenging your warehouse floors might be:

Joint Damage

Over time hard, wheeled traffic from forklifts can damage the joints. It may not seem like much at first, but eventually the weakened concrete can further break away (spall) and make forklift travel dangerous and costly. Addressing the joints at the time of construction is the best prevention, but that doesn’t usually happen – especially if the warehouse floor is over 50,000 square feet or more. At that point we can repair the minor joint damage or completely rebuild the entire joint if that needs to happen. Read more on our custom joint repair and rebuilding process for a permanent solution.

Concrete Deterioration

Concrete floor damage Birimingham is on the rise and contractors are ready to make these repairs for you today.

Large pit in concrete exposes Rebar.

Old facilities are prone to the concrete deteriorating little by little. This is because over time the concrete becomes soft and weak. The paste of the concrete turns to a powder like substance wearing away leaving just the aggregate (rock) behind. When this happens you may be thinking that there is no way to repair the concrete damage and a total replacement is the only way. Titus Restoration has options for almost every concrete floor we have encountered no matter how damaged.

Titus Restoration understands that your facility may run a full operation and taking the time to repair the concrete floor might seem like an impossible undertaking. We will work with you to make sure your production is not interrupted and your expectations are met. Contact our estimators today for pricing and information on our concrete damage repair processes.