Atlanta Concrete Repair – Industrial Concrete Floor Refinishing

Can concrete joints be repaired to restore forklift traffic - there is concrete repair in Atlanta, GA that can help.

Damaged Concrete Joints cause Forklift Damage and are a Maintenance Concern.

Do you have an old, abused concrete floor? We have seen the worst of the worst! There are possibilities for every concrete floor repair need – re-pouring concrete is not always your only option. In Atlanta, GA we perform industrial concrete floor repairs in a variety of warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers and can help you with your project!

 Joint Repair Atlanta

The most common type of concrete damage occurs at the joints. When wheeled traffic runs over the joints, the void in the concrete is exposed to chipping, spalling, and deterioration. If not addressed, it can develop into problems much worse that may slow production and damage forklifts. The best way to prevent joint damage is to fill the joints with an industrial joint filler. This flexible filler allows the joint to naturally expand and contract with the temperatures, but fills the void to protect the joint from spalling. Our headquarters for Atlanta concrete repair is in your backyard; ready and equipped to handle the most extensive joint repair by completely rebuilding the joint if necessary.

Concrete Floor Refinishing

Atlanta concrete repair can fix the worst concrete floors.

Soft and Cracked Concrete is Dusty and Unable to Clean or Drive Over

In many old manufacturing plants, the concrete has softened overtime causing it to flake off and deteriorate. Often this exposes aggregate which can be difficult for forklift traffic to travel over. Our concrete grinders can smooth the aggregate back down and with a penetration densifier we can harden the surface to prevent future deterioration. This concrete floor repair option has restored many warehouse concrete floors much cheaper than a total replacement or overlay.

Titus Restoration is Located in Atlanta, GA

We are proud to serve Georgia and the Atlanta area with our concrete floor repairs to return your floor back to one that is operational. Our quality of work is backed by our high standard of training and our products are industrial strength giving you a finished project that will be a lasting solution. Contact us today for a free estimate of repairs.