Decorative Concrete Ideas

The variety of decorative concrete ideas have been seen throughout malls, airports, and casinos for years, but what about your office space or grocery store? What about a museum or stadium venue? Here are some decorative concrete ideas that are affordable and easy to achieve with the right contractor.

Decorative Concrete Ideas for Commercial Flooring

Dyed and Polished Concrete is a cost effective way to achieve a decorative concrete floor.

Decorative concrete ideas for retail floors.

Dyed and Polished Concrete Floor

Dyed and polished concrete differs from stained concrete because it is a lasting product. Acid stained concrete can “walk off” after a short period of time and is less durable than a dyed and polished surface. Read more about the benefits of polished and dyed concrete versus acid stained concrete flooring.

Acid staining vs dyed and polished concrete for a decorative finish.

Acid Stain Can Walk-Off & Dull

What can we do with dyed and polished concrete floors:

Logos: Single or multi-colored logos is one of the many decorative concrete ideas we can provide.


Decorative Designs and Vivid Colors: By saw cutting or taping off areas, we can create blocks of different colors that are visually stunning with a polished and dyed concrete floor.

Office Entrance choses decorative concrete finishes to impress clients.

Multiple Colors of Dyed and Polished Concrete

A dyed and polished concrete floor can truly impact the first impression of any business.

Vivid Turquoise Dye in Nail Salon









Multiple Colors Available: Ameripolish Dye Chart

Many colors of dye are available to make a decorative concrete floor shine.

Standard Dye Colors for Polished Concrete

Are their limitations to a decorative concrete floor?

  • No Dyes are UV Stable, so for example a the floor under a walk off mat near a window might be discolored over time.
  • All concrete takes dye differently, so what they see on the color chart may be different than what they see in the sample and may even be different than what they see in the actual store.
  • Where the edges of the slab are hand trowelled discoloration can occur. We can mask this with paint if this is present.

    Choosing edge finishes for decorative concrete ideas is important to the finished expectations.

    Perimeter edge discoloration on dyed and  polished concrete.

  • Darker dyes are more difficult to keep clean (footprints, grocery cart marks, etc).
  • Pricing limitations: Obviously the more creative you get with your design the more a decorative concrete floor will cost, but a dyed and polished concrete floor makes these decorative concrete ideas obtainable for almost any floor.